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Our Foundation

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Our Mission

We are here to build relationships with the folks around us, giving them the tools and strategies to expand their capacity to help others. 

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Our Vision

Our team is building a future where business who respect communities, the planet, and their people have the tools and know how to sustain a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

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Brand DNA
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Our Commitment 

We are committed to investing in the learning and development of our people, partners, and the communities we serve.

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Brand Haüs Fundamentals


At Brand Haüs Consulting, these fundamental skills are the foundation that informs all decision-making and culture building.


We act with honesty and sincerity in all situations regardless of the outcome

We give value to our language and actions and choose them with tact and intention


We take calculated risks and hold ourselves responsible for the outcomes


We leave people and communities better than we found them


We make decisions that will last longer than we will


We maintain an awareness of our thoughts, bodies, emotions, and the surrounding environment to make the best decisions possible.

Growth Mindset

We develop our skillset through mental flexibility, hard work, learning, and applying feedback.


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